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Your taste in art can never be too expensive

October 22, 2014

There is plenty of Metal Gear art circulating around out there, but some stand out better than others. How about one that looks like it was painted by a famous artist? OK, it wasn't painted by a super famous artist, but at this rate he just might very well get there someday.

Another post on Twitter recently brought this to my attention, which is a oil stick on panel created by Louie Van Patten, a fellow that is becoming more and more known for his great works of art. Recently he has done an excellent job with this Big Boss a.k.a. Punished Snake painting, which also happens to be a one of a kind.

This is an original 24x19 inch painting which will run you $350.00, with only 1 available. Oh, but don't you worry my friend, if you want a print version you can land one of those for $50.00. They are 13x19 inches with matte fine art paper. Still too much?

You can still get a smaller version for $25.00 which is an 8.5x11 inch using the same quality paper. Let me give you a hand in at least seeing each one for yourself, along with Louie Van Patten's other works of art. He has some fine additions to his collection you should see. Here are the links to check out.

Original oil stick on panel - $350
13x19 matt fine are paper - $50
8.5x11 matt fine art paper - $25
Louie Van Patten other Artwork

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