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Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Parody, a funny video that will bring out the monster in you

December 26, 2015

For years now, ever since it was first introduced back in the late 1990s, Yu-Gi-Oh The Trading Card Game has been such a phenomenon that it has sold well over 25 billion cards worldwide. Not only that, but has sparked a revolution in the gaming industry with one hit title after another. Mainly in the handheld market.

The series is usually not something that is confined to the house, but rather taken on the road every chance a player gets. On top of that, each year Konami hosts a major tournament in several different countries, each leading up to the next, with an ultimate grand price of up to $10,000. Indeed, no wonder you will literally see players pitching up tents and hanging around the building eagerly waiting for the doors to open.

You don't even have to be a player to attend. No sir, the atmosphere is there for you to enjoy as a spectator, and if you are ever so slightly interested in learning to play the famous TCG, you can do so via instructors on the scene, who are there simply to have a seat with you and teach you what you need to know to get off to a good start.

Die hard fans will also appreciate the number of anime episodes for the series that's sprung up over the years. The latest being the new Arc-V that launched in Japan on Tokyo TV here a while back. Here is hoping it will make a worldwide appearance so the rest of us can enjoy. 

After all that, the only natural thing that comes along with it, is more of your usual fan based material, some cosplay, some musical based, and some even dwelling in the comedy department, like this video below made by fans who did a parody for Yu-G-Oh Duel.

College humor is nothing new, but then again, this involves YuGiOh as two friends duke it out head to head while adding a dose of comedy to the mix, and sure to guarantee a good laugh or two in the process. Fire away with your comments on it below and let me know what you think about it.

If you yourself also have a Yu-Gi-Oh based video or any Konami game related video you would like to share, no problem, simply fill out the contact form using the link at the top, along with your information and I will certainly take a look at it for inclusion.

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Yu-Gi-Oh has undoubtedly changed the pace of gaming. The revolutionary gears and realistic battles of creatures from the cards took card battle up a notch. No wonder a lot, up until now, is hooked with the game, even though card games have started to dwindle in the past years. Still, Yu-Gi-Oh have left a notable part in the history of card gaming.

The parody comes to no surprise since we are living in an age wherein people finds happiness in imitating other people or events and turning into something laughable. Yu-Gi-Oh gamers would definitely love the video, not just because of how funny the guys are, but because of the gameplay they tried to portray and make fun of.