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Zenithfilms has a new home for the Silent Hill Requiem movie

June 25, 2015

After all the tension that has been building up since last year, fans have been waiting for the release of the new Silent Hill Requiem movie. The films is set to launch this coming fall, but there is a new website you can check out in the meantime to keep up with some of the latest photos, videos, and news for the movie right now.

It was just recently launched and from the looks of things you can bet Requiem is going to stir up some attention this year. For those of you who have just hopped on board and are wondering what the new film is all about, here is a bit of insight for the film.

The movie will be based on the first four Silent Hill games. Starring Olwen Davies as Heather Mason, and Gareth Morgan as James Sunderland, the realm of Otherworld has managed to break beyond its boundaries and start infecting the normal world. Mysterious forces have summoned the characters you know and love back to Silent Hill in an effort to try and stop it. 

Zenithfilms has a unique perspective on style and aesthetics when it comes to making a Silent Hill film. Big name websites have said the teaser videos look like cut scenes from the game itself. Truly a fan made movie for and by the fans, just as they have been wanting for years now.

The first Hollywood made film was half decent, but Revelations left many fans in the dust and disappointed on how it turned out. It seems producers only want to do what they want, and are not really in line with what fans mostly want in a "game to movie" adaptation. That is about to change with Requiem as far as director Gareth Morgan is concerned. 

I don't need to say too much beyond this point except to take a hard look at the new home for Zenithfilms, which will give you some more insight into the film itself. This will be a new and long awaited experience for fans when it gets released this coming fall, so be sure to not only bookmark the page, but share with friends and others to let them know about it.

This will likely be a real uplifting moment in Silent Hill history.

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"Silent Hill Requiem is a game changer, a film the fans deserve"

Wil - Silent Hill Paradise

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