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Swords and Poker Adventure gets a reboot

October 9, 2014

Gaia’s original Sword and Poker gets a reboot and is now available for your iOS device. After 3 years of stagnation, the series hasn't been updated since then so now it finally gets a reboot called "Adventures", which is listed as a free to play iOS game.

The play is rather simple, and yet entertaining as you try to make the best 5 card poker hands in order to defeat monsters in the game. S&P consists of a large library of magic, weapons, and Shields which you use to kill your enemies and save the world from the Chaos realm.

Last month the Singapore release was an indicator that the new launch might take place for the rest of the world, and it looks like is what's happening. You can still get the original two titles as they are still available both here and here, they just haven't been updated in years however.

Devices supported by S&P Adventures are as follows. Compatible with iPhone 5 or later, iPad (4th gen) or later, iPod touch (5th gen) or later, and finally iPad mini (with Retina display) are all supported devices, optimized mainly for iPhone5.

A nice and long video below will give you some better insight on what elements have been rebooted with the series.

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