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Blog posts : "Silent Hill T-Shirts"

Let your Silent Hill fashion be known with these cool T-Shirts

October 24, 2014

The holidays are approaching, and don't you just hate it when one of your relatives gives you a Christmas gift, and it turns out to be a pair of socks, or some stupid T-Shirt? Well get those gift hints about what you want this year started, with some awesome Silent Hill T-Shirts!

There are t…

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Hot off the grill are new Silent Hill Requiem T-Shirts

October 9, 2014

Those of you who are following the production for the new Silent Hill Requiem movie, you might want to add this to your existing horror movie arsenal. T-Shirts and 8x11 signed prints based on the film will be sold this weekend via the official store.

The company producing the movie is Zenithf…

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